Because in 50 years, where will those digital files be? Will they still be still be on a hard drive somewhere, or will they be lost and outdated as technology advances? And even worse - if they are still viewable on a device, will you even be able to find them in the midst of hundreds of thousands of photographs taken with your iPhone? Or will they be lost in the shuffle somewhere between snapshots of what you ate for dinner and selfies of that great hair day? 

The story of the beginning of your forever together is too beautiful, too significant to stay on a screen. It’s special, and deserves to be treated as such.

And this is why your album is so, so important.

Your professional wedding album is your family’s first heirloom, created with both you and your grandchildren in mind. They’re durable enough to sit on your coffee table and opened often, yet precious enough to handle with care. 

I believe your album is a piece of art, so I only work with the best album companies that will create the finest works of quality craftsmanship. 


- Handcrafted with genuine leather and high quality fabrics using only the best in bookbinding techniques. This means that a real, skilled professional bookmaker, not a machine, individually and personally creates our books. They’re meant to last

- Made with thick pages and professional paper. This means that they’re gorgeous to look at, substantial to hold, and won’t fade over time.

- Features lay flatpages lays with a minimal gutter in between, which allows you the perfect viewing experience.

- Hand designed by Stephanie Nunley to ensure your story is told in the most beautiful, cohesive manner possible.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 5.21.04 PM.png

Album Investment Information

10" x 10" Album - includes 30 pages & digital download of wedding images ((1500))

12" x 12" Album - includes 30 pages & digital download of wedding images ((2500))

2 6" x 6" Parent Albums - albums identical to main wedding album ((500))

Each album includes 30 pages (15 spreads). Additional pages can be added for $25 per page.


Cover Options