10 Things we Learned in our First Month of Marriage

It's very hard to believe that Lucas and I have been married for a month now. In some ways, it feels like our wedding was just yesterday, but in many ways, it sort of feels like we've been married forever. To celebrate our one month of married-ness, I thought I'd be fun to share 10 things that we've learned over the past 4 weeks. Because, you know. We're pretty much pros now. ;)

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1. It's a CONSTANT battle to keep even our small apartment clean. And most of the time I'm loosing.

2. Especially the kitchen. I feel like I spend large portions of my life cleaning it.

3. Living with Lucas has made me come face to face with how sinful I am. How easily I get frustrated over silly things (like why can't you replace the toilet paper when it's empty!?! -- and then I remember that I do the exact. same. thing). I know it's only barely the beginning, but I know the Lord is going to use our marriage to make us both more like Jesus. And I'm excited about that, even though it's going to hurt.

4. This is pretty much common knowledge, but in case you didn't know, Lucas and I were really strict on our physical boundaries before marriage. We didn't even kiss before our wedding day. This was honestly one of the best decisions we made while dating. I'm SO glad we waited.

5. Marriage makes you feel like an old person. A friend called me a few days ago and when she asked what I was doing, I replied, "Oh, nothing… just cleaning the kitchen." (See #2)

6. Your wants and desires are now secondary to someone else's. The Lord really uses marriage to teach you to die to yourself daily and count someone else as more important than yourself.

7. The first few months of marriage are really important. You set up expectations about who does what, and it's easy to fall into routines and habits that are hard to break later. So we have to be intentional about creating good habits and routines right now, even when things are still fun and easy.

8. You must learn to communicate well. About everything. I cannot expect him to read my mind and know how I'm doing. I know it sounds silly to even suggest he COULD do such a thing…. but I kind of have the tendency to do this all the time.

9. Cooking is more fun when you're doing it with someone else. And, so far, we have yet to make anything that has been completely terrible. (This is a big deal for me.) …Well. Except lasagna. I made it about two weeks ago. There are still leftovers in the fridge.

10. Honestly, the most important thing we can do is to remember that we are both first and foremost Christians. So even though marriage is great and I love spending time with Lucas, our spiritual growth is still the most important thing in our lives. We must value that, both individually and as a couple. It's super important that we do things that help us love Jesus more, like talking about what the Lord is teaching us and praying together.