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Remember, back in the day, when you listened to the radio for hours on end to record your favorite song on a cassette tape? Or when you had to go somewhere and recorded TV shows on a VHS tape? Or when you loaded your favorite games and programs with a floppy drive? That was less than 20 years ago, and you probably don't even own a tape player, a floppy disc drive, or a VCR anymore. Technology is becoming obsolete SO fast. Most wedding photographers deliver wedding images on DVD nowadays, but my Mac doesn't even have a DVD drive anymore. While DVDs worked great for a while, in 20 years, they'll likely be as obsolete as floppy discs... and what will become of the images on them?

Enter your online gallery.

This gallery displays your images on a super attractive website accessible on all of your devices (computer, iPad, iPhone, etc)... anytime, anywhere. Behold:

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 3.25.27 PM


From your gallery, you're free to share all of your images on facebook, twitter, email, pinterest, etc.  You're also free (and encouraged!) to share the gallery with your friends and family, which eliminates the need to burn discs for granny and Uncle Joe. They can star their favorite images and order affordable, professional quality prints for the fridge without ever leaving your gallery. It's pretty legit.

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