The Experience | The Wedding Day

You found your perfect dress. You've picked out all of the little details. The invitations were sent and RSVPs have been received. You spent months and months planning and thinking about this day, and it's finally here.

Your wedding day.

You wake up nervous, excited, and kind of in shock that it's actually going to happen. TODAY.

I completely understand how it feels, and I completely understand that it's YOUR day. Not mine. When I arrive at your wedding, I come with the attitude that my job is to fade into the background and document your day as it happens. Yes, there are certain times that I have to step up and take charge, but for the majority of the day, I don't think your schedule should revolve around me and what I "need" to photograph. I'm there to document the day, not create it.

However, I do want to be informed on what the plan is so I can be as prepared and serve you as best as possible. Several months before the wedding, you will fill out a questionnaire that helps me understand exactly what you're thinking and planning… just to make sure we're both on the same page. One month before the wedding, we go over this questionnaire to make sure that there hasn't been any major changes that I should know about. I also suggest a basic timeline that we've found helps ensure there is time to do everything you want to do. Keep in mind, though, that this is just a suggestion. We like to have an idea of what's going on (and we've found the bride does too!) but, if things start to run late…. IT'S OKAY.


You can't be late to or ruin your own wedding. We never want the schedule to cause more stress and make you feel rushed. It's there to help you, not freak you out. We really just want you to have a great day.

getting ready photos

With that said. When Lucas and I arrive, he hangs out with the guys getting ready while I'm with the bride. Usually, the women begin getting ready before the men, so Lucas will go ahead and photograph details of the ceremony or reception site… depending on the venue and what has been set up. In the mean time, I'm photographing the bride's details (dress, shoes, jewelry, flowers, etc) and the bridal party as they get ready.  This is honestly one of my favorite parts of the day…there's so much excitement, nervousness, and anticipation.


If the bride and groom have chosen to do a first look, we'll do that as soon as everyone is ready. Lucas will lead the man to a pre-dermined-first-look-location, I'll tell the bride when he's ready, and then Lucas and I will get out the way (and maybe hide behind some trees) to photograph the bride and groom's reaction as they see each other for the first time. We don't interrupt the couple during this time… it's their day and we want them to have as much interrupted time together as they'd like before everything gets busy. This is SUCH a special part of the day, and we LOVE that we get to be a part of it. From a distance. Behind our cameras. ….Like creepers.

I could write an entire blog post about the first look… but that will come later. =]

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Once you are ready to move on, we transition into the portrait portion of the day. Although portraits kind of go against my "this-is-your-day-and-it's-not-about-me" philosophy, I KNOW that they're super important. I cherish the portraits from our wedding, and know that they'll become more and more meaningful over the years. Providing images of you and your husband, your best friends, and your family together is a way that I can serve my clients, and I happily will spend the time to do so.

First, we love to do the bride and groom portraits. Doing it right after the first look is a great because you're already alone, you just saw each other for the first time, you're already excited, and ready to be cuddly! Since we've already done this once at the engagement session, you're already pros by now, and we capture lots of natural looking images of the two of you together that you'll cherish, look at, and hang up on your walls for the rest of your life. Then we'll bring in the wedding party and family and go ahead and get these all done before the ceremony. If you choose not to do a first look, this obviously isn't possible, but we love when it does work out like this because it allows you to spend more time at the reception with your guests.

If everything goes smoothly, we'll finish up portraits about 30-45 minutes before the ceremony. Lucas and I will begin to photograph guests while you relax for a few minutes with your friends and family.

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During the ceremony, Lucas will usually stand at the back while I stand to the side, or wherever I can to get good photographs while staying out of the way! It's our goal that guests leave the ceremony and didn't even realize that we were there. We want them to remember you… not the annoying photographer that kept getting in the way! We understand that this is a really significant moment as you make a lifelong commitment in front of your family, friends, and the Lord… and we want to honor that by not getting in the way or being distracting.

If you haven't already done the portrait portion of the day, we'll do that immediately after the ceremony. If you have, you're free to go directly to the reception!

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Every reception is different, so it's impossible to say exactly how Lucas and I will handle it. We're there to document what happens, so we're super flexible and take each moment as it comes. We're there as you cut the cake, dance with your daddy, and throw the bouquet.

Again- this is simply a SUGGESTION of how things should proceed, based on the experience we have regarding what makes the day run more smoothly for everyone. But if things run late... it's okay. No matter what happens, we're there for you from the beginning of the day until you leave. It's really special because, since we actually know each other by this point, we can serve you as friends instead of simply vendors. This looks different for everyone- for some people, we hang back and don't interact much as we capture your memories. For others, we help in really practical ways throughout the day. Regardless, we're there for you. We genuinely care about you as people, and we want to help make your day more special in any way we possibly can.