A Journey to the Day | Finding our Home


Lucas and I started looking for somewhere to live about a month before we needed to move in.... so we couldn't be too picky. We don't plan on staying in Arkadelphia more than a year or so, so it didn't make sense for us to buy, and the house rentals we looked at were ghetto and frightening in a pretty major way. When we started looking for an apartment, we quickly realized that we were looking at the wrong time of year for a college town (about two months before students move out) so we were getting to the point where we were pretty happy to find anything at all!

Both of us lived in the dorms for all four years of college, so we pretty much had to start furnishing our new home from scratch. One Saturday, we borrowed a friend's truck, got up at 5 AM, and drove four hours to go to Ikea. Neither of us had ever been before.... and it was one of the most overwhelming experiences of my life. Seriously. We were there for almost 9 hours. We began to forget that there was a world outside of Ikea....... aaaand we didn't get back to Arkadelphia until 3 AM. Longest. Day. Ever.


Also... we were doing this during our last month of college, which was kind of ridiculous. We were so, SO thankful for everyone provided for us and helped us through the process (especially my parents! They did so much!!)-- we definitely couldn't have gotten everything done without help!