DIY Wedding Ideas

I know it was silly, but I wanted to do everything for the wedding myself. (You would have thought the invitations would have taught me a lesson!) In the months proceeding graduation, I worked very hard to DIY as many details as possible! However, in January, I had to stop and re-evalate my priorities. The most important things to me were to commend the gospel and spend time with our friends and family. Everything else was secondary... yet I was letting this secondary things take over my life. Like. I was spending hours and HOURS painting chalkboards onto mason jars when I could have been doing so many more meaningful and beneficial things. So... at the end of the day, there weren't all that many DIY details. And that's okay. The things we did have were functional and meaningful.... and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Below are a few of the projects we tackled. I hope it inspires you!


Originally, my plan was to create my bouquet, the boutonnieres, corsages, and centerpieces out of paper flowers. ...But the week before the wedding, I was making paper flowers for HOURS EVERY DAY. The day before, my bouquet was only halfway finished. ....And so I admitted defeat and started from scratch. I actually like what I came up with better-- a bouquet made of wheat and dried baby-breath-esque-stuff. I'm not really sure what it was. But it matched the handmade boutonnieres and corsages, and it took me LITERALLY A DAY to do. ...The day before the wedding.

............. I know I'm crazy.

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(by: Sara Lynn Photographic)

I really wanted everyone to sit on hay bales during the ceremony, but I was afraid that they'd be itchy/buggy/make guests feel terrible... so I started looking into things we could use to cover them up. I thought about quilts, but we would have needed 30+... and I had no idea how to obtain that many quilts. Instead, we went thrift-store shopping and picked up a TON of old sheets that worked great! We were able to get matching-but-not-too-matching patterns and they were the perfect size!


A few days before the wedding, we went out and tied them onto the hay bales with a bunch of twine, then covered them with tarps (because it was going to rain the next couple of days. They weren't quite as nice looking because of this.... but it still worked fine. :)

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(by: Sara Lynn Photographic)

Hailey made this sign.... which was SUPER legit.

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(by: Sara Lynn Photographic)

Centerpieces: mason jars stacked on top of old books with wheat, moss, and photos of Lucas and I as kids inside.

Drinking glasses: mason jars with twine and a note to each guest on the outside and a pinstripe straw inside.

Plates and silverware: From VerTerra- they're made from fallen leaves, and were both unique and biodegradable.

Placemats: scrapbooking paper from Hobby Lobby. Holla.

Picnic Tables: Luke's dad made them. Which... is still kind of crazy to me.