Our Honeymoon

Sophomore year of college, Lucas and I drove to San Francisco with two other friends from college to participate in a local Cru mission trip. Originally, he wasn't supposed to go with us. In fact, I didn't want him to go with us.  You can read more about our story here, but basically, I knew he'd go for the wrong reasons.... and I also knew if he went, the Lord would use it in a pretty major way in his life and I would probably end up marrying him. ....And I did.

So I guess it was appropriate that Lucas chose for us to go to San Francisco for our honeymoon. There are lots of things to do, yet it's surrounded by gorgeous scenery and nature. I could write a ton, but instead, I thought I'd share the photos we took. Even though, honestly, there aren't THAT many. And most of them were taken with my iPhone. Oh well.


When the car rental company found out that we were on our honeymoon, they upgraded our Kia to ....this. Lucas was so happy. All week. There was lots of squealing. (Both from him in excitement and me in terror.)


We stayed in Japan town for our first night in the city. I LOVED getting to visit Japanese stores, eat Japanese, and see a little bit of the culture again. It's been too long.... I still really, really miss it. (For those of you who don't know, in 2009 I spent a summer in Tokyo and I CANNOT WAIT for the next opportunity I have to go there! I love it so. much.)


The golden gate bridge and possibly the largest boat in existence. Like. I cannot wrap my head around how big that thing is.


We were pretty excited to see the sea lions.... and those two were so precious. They're cuddling. =]


The scenery to and from where we were staying in Stinson beach was GORGEOUS. It's hard to believe places like this exist in our country.


The first time we went to SF, we really wanted to see the redwoods. We tried on our way out of town, but it we drove for EVER and it was raining and miserable and it just didn't seem all that impressive at the time. We finally gave up and swore we didn't even want to see them to begin with (...dirty filthy redwoods). This time we were a bit more successful. It was probably one of the most memorable parts of the trip. =]


Alcatraz. Aaaaaannnd finally, some images of the house we stayed in at Stinson Beach. Most of the time it kind of felt like this wasn't real life. Like. It was hard to believe that we were REALLY married and staying in a gorgeous house on the beach 2,000 miles from Arkansas. We were so, SO blessed to be able to go on this adventure together, and it really was a fantastic way to start our marriage.