The Experience | Albums

The flowers have wilted, your nail polish is peeling, and the wedding day has become simply a sweet memory. You've received your PASS gallery, and have had a blast reliving the day in photographs with your husband. But as the months go by, you find yourself sitting down at your computer, logging on, and opening up your gallery less and less. It's not that you don't love your images. You just don't think about it.

The truth is, your story wasn't meant to be viewed on a screen. It was meant to be held in your hands. Cherished. Passed down from generation to generation.

And this is why your album is so, so important.

Lucas and I have had our full gallery of wedding photographs for about two months now. I've scrolled through our PASS gallery on several different occasions, but I look at the photographs we've printed several times a day. There's something really special about seeing an image in print. Holding it in your hands. It feels final. Complete.

See, digital images are kind of like film negatives. They're a great backup, but they weren't meant to be the finished product. They are't what you proudly show your friends and family, and they will never be able to tell the story of your wedding with the same clarity and emotion as a well designed, professional wedding album.

Your professional album is your family's first heirloom, created with both you and your grandchildren in mind. They're durable enough to sit on your coffee table and opened often, yet precious enough to handle with care. Each album is handmade with high-quality, archival materials designed to last for decades.

I don't want you to receive your images and then do nothing with them. You invested in them. You should see them more than once every couple of months when you decide to pull them up on your computer.

Yes, it's just a really nice leather bound book. But it's something you cherish because it mean something. It represents the beginning of your story, and it's an heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation.


When you receive your album, it comes inside a black leather box to ensure it is well-protected.


Each spread is mounted on thick, durable pages, lays flat, and is practically seamless (it's so small you'll hardly notice it!)


Every album is custom designed to tell your unique story....