July Highlights & August Goals

Confession: I did a really, really terrible job taking a photograph every day this month. Like. I think I actually took less personal photos than normal this month! The 12 photos here on the blog are pretty much it for the month of July.... which is really quite shameful! I'm going to work harder in August to photograph more consistently, because I really want to take my craft seriously and constantly improve. And the only way to do that is if I take photographs every. single. day. (Or at least frequently!)

Anyway, besides failing miserably at documenting my 22nd year.... July was a really good month!

July Highlights

- Completely redid my website, blog, and branding! It's really quite similar to what I had before, but I like to believe it's a bit more sophisticated and put-together now. The colors are a bit more muted, peaceful, and earthy and matches who I am a bit better! Also, I've begun to incorporate wheat into my brand, which I'm pretty excited about. I love the symbolism of wheat, and I plan to use it more and more as I solidify my branding!

- I wrote about 50 thank you notes for our wedding shower. It's been 3 months and I STILL haven't finished this.... which I feel terrible about, but I'm making progress! So. I'm thankful for that!

- Started going on walks in the morning with Kara! It's great motivation for me to get up earlier.... and I love getting to see her more often!

- Photographed Andrew and Kiley's wedding in McKinney, Texas!

- Finished reading "Every Good Endeavor" by Tim Keller. - I've read most of "The Explicit Gospel" by Matt Chandler... it's excellent. I HIGHLY recommend it!

- I learned several new shooting techniques and tried them out at our last wedding. Several were really successful, and I'm excited about implementing them more in the future!

- Visited Luke's family in Nashville a few times. We got to watch Hailey sing in front of tons of people during the 4th of July celebration.... she's pretty legit!

- Lucas decided he wanted to learn how to spear fish. So I spent quite a bit of time at the lake with him, just hanging out. Reading, mostly.

- Every day I'm learning how to cook better, manage our little household more efficiently, and balance work/married life so my job doesn't consume me! I'm super greatful for all of the lessons the Lord has taught me so far... and I'm excited about what He has in store this month!

- Chatted with several couples about their 2014 wedding and excited to officially begin booking next year's weddings! (And fill up our last few 2013 spots!) - Also... I just grow more and more thankful for the Lord's goodness every day. He's SO. GOOD.

August Goals


- Finish Reading "The Explicit Gospel", CT Studd's biography, and one other book!

- ...And then start another one! I have so many books I wanted to read this year... and I'm running out of time!

- College starts back this month... and I won't be there! I really want to still be involved in the lives of the people I still know at Henderson, though! So figuring out ways to do that.

- Be more involved in my church and community.

- Get up earlier. Spend more intentional time with the Lord.


- Create a website to send to photographers interested in outsourcing their editing, album design, etc. (I already do this, but I need to create a more cohesive, professional workflow.... I didn't have time for this last month!)

- STILL need to get a new office chair! I'm just so indecisive!

- Start seriously booking 2014 weddings!

- Do a stylized shoot.... or two!

- Make some important business decisions and finish up my branding and make everything 100% cohesive! I'm still in that stage where I'm getting everything solidified, and I'm excited to finally move on!