The Experience | Fine Art Canvas Prints

When I was a sophomore in college, my painting teacher gave us an assignment that was due immediately after returning from Spring Break. That was the year that I went to San Francisco, so I had absolutely NO time to do it. None.… So I determined that I would start and finish the entire project in one night. And I got to know that canvas very well over the next 18 hours. When my teacher walked into class the next morning, she looked at my canvas, looked at me (who at this point had fallen over into a state of temporary-simi-conciousness), looked back at my canvas, then said, "Why aren't you working?"

Needless to say, art on canvas holds a special place in my heart. I appreciate the texture, the artistry, and the way it looks hanging on the wall. It has a very specific look that nothing else can emulate.

As I started focusing on photography, I didn't want to loose that. When I did my senior show, I knew I wanted to put all of my photographs on canvas because I felt it was the best of both worlds, tying together both digital and traditional art. I I loved the way it turned out. Professional. Clean. Yet inviting.


The photographs I take at your wedding are no less art than a still life or figure study, and I think they should be displayed as such.