August Highlights & September Goals

I feel like I say this every month, but it was especially true in August-- This month just flew by.
I have no idea where it went.

Regardless-- it was an absolutely fantastic month, full of exciting surprises, progress, and traveling. And September promises to be just as great!

August Highlights

- At the beginning of the month, I watched quite a bit of creative live and learned a lot of very, very helpful things… and was very inspired to continue growing as not just a photographer, but an artist.

- I finished reading "The Explicit Gospel", CT Studd's Biography, and have read about 80% of Elizabeth Elliot's book on discipline. Which has been extremely convicting.

- Drove to Dallas again for another Chestnut Square wedding! Yet again, it was fantastic.

- Started booking weddings consistently for 2014! I'm already looking forward to getting to know my couples for next year, and this year's wedding season (for me!) isn't even half over yet!

- Our friends in college came back mid-way through the month, and it's been fantastic seeing all their faces again! I love getting to have people over, feed them, and talk about life.

- Since friends are back, our girl's bible study has started back up. And Cody is leading revive at Henderson this year. I'm super excited about both of these things.

- Lucas has started teaching Sunday school at our church. We're going through a fairly exhaustive study of theology, which is something we both think needs to be talked about and studied more in general.

- Our pastor began a study on 1 Peter during the morning service and a study on what it means to be a church member in the evening last month. Both of which has been really fantastic. We're really so, so blessed to be a part of our church.

- We got a new office chair and a printer on our trip to Dallas! Both of which have changed my life. It's so, so nice to sit in something that isn't determined to break me. :)

- Worked really hard on examining my workflow and creating systems to get everything done more efficiently. Which means I can spend more time serving my clients, and less time making sure I've done all the office-stuff I need to do.

September Goals


- I WILL finish writing thank you notes for our wedding gifts THIS MONTH. Seriously, ya'll. This is getting out of hand. They NEED to be finished. (Actually. They needed to be finished 3 months ago….)

- Get up earlier.

- Read three books.

- Have someone over for dinner at least once a week.


- Book at least two more weddings for 2014. Seriously-- I'm just so excited for what 2014 has in store. (!!)

- Be more intentional about investing in younger creative girls. I'm a part of a group called Delight that's for these girls… I love them dearly and want to be as involved as I possibly can!

- Order a new sample album.

(Every single image below was taken on my iPhone. It's just so convenient. :)