Travels & Adventures | California Road Trip

When I met Rhyan, my life changed forever. We both always loved to travel, but Rhyan was different. She not only loved it, but she wasn't afraid to do it. Spontaneously. For very little reason. All the time. And she liked to take me with her.

There was a time that she told me to get in the car, but didn't tell me where we're going. We drove for an hour and a half, ended up at her parent's house, picked up an article of clothing, and drove an hour and a half back. No big deal. A time where where we would drove 40 minutes to the nearest town at 10 PM.... just because we had an extra blanket we wanted to give to someone who need it. A time where we drove all night to go to Passion..... and slept in a parking lot in Atlanta. (WAY SKETCHY. Absolutely the most sketchy thing we've ever done. :)

But this was, by far, one of my favorite adventures with Rhyan.

We both wanted to do something productive with our Spring Break, and my friend, Jennie invited us to come to San Francisco with their Cru team. So. Why not?

I know that I've mentioned this trip in passing numerous times here, because it was really quite significant in my life. It was the first time I've driven 30 hours and 2,000 miles without "supervision"-- just me and three other college students. It was where Lucas surrendered his life to the Lord. It was where I knew I'd marry him.

On the way to SF, we stopped to see our friend in New Mexico (and use his shower, after staying the night in the Target parking lot), saw the grand canyon (and was thoroughly confused by the blizzard there... in March), and visited a friend in LA. We drove across Texas (so. much. Texas.), the desert, the mountains, and everything in between. On the way back, we rotated drivers and drove 32 hours straight (and visited Los Vegas at 4 AM. Another sketchy adventure) ....which I do not, under any circumstance, recommend.

It was a hard, beautiful, crazy, and life changing week. I've since lost most of the pictures from it (I'm great at backing things up, so I'm not sure what happened. This is a great example that things DO happen to digital files, no matter how careful you are!), but these are a few of my favorite low-res files I managed to save.


...Ending on a classy note. Oh. And this last image has no artistic merit, but I'm including it because I was traumatized by Aaron and Luke's desire to throw me into the river, and I feel like the world should know about this abuse. =]