Travels & Adventures | Santa Barbara

The summer after I went to Tokyo, my teammates invited me to come to Cali to spend a few weeks with them. When you live with a small group of people for six weeks (and do everything with them because they're the only people who speak your language :), you sort of become like a family with them... and after a year, I was more than ready to see them again! As I booked my plane ticket, I felt a bit crazy... I mean, I was 19 and flying across the country by myself to sleep on the couch of some friends I hadn't seen in a year.
For two weeks.
Life is for the living, and it ended up being an absolutely fantastic two weeks. I flew into LAX, where Christine picked me up and entertained me for a day or so. Then, she drove me to meet Alexis and Ada, who I stayed with in Santa Barbara the majority of the time. Between the time on the beach with Alexis and the meetings with everybody that I wanted to see, the two weeks flew by and I was so, so grateful for the opportunity to go!

I absolutely love California... not only is it gorgeous, but some of my favorite people ever live there, and I hope I get a chance to go back soon!


(One of my favorite images from our Tokyo-team-reunion day. Everyone but Sarah and Dean got to be there, and it just made my heart so, so happy. :)