Guillermo's Coffee & The Old Mill | James and Rejena's Little Rock Engagement

As they sat on the couch near the fireplace in a local coffee shop, one cushion in between, they slowly sipped their drinks and chatted about their interests, lives, and shared experiences. They talked and laughed, tucked away in the corner, hardly aware of the time…. until they realized everyone was leaving and the shop was closing. From their favorite books to the fact that they both had identical twins, James and Rejena had more in common than they could have imagined.

After that night, Rejena already knew there was something special about him. Not just because they had so much in common, but because James had already proven himself to be sweet, thoughtful, and caring.

As the months went by, they continued to discover how much they had in common… from their similar personalities to their mutual love of cheesecake. :) Most importantly, they both wanted a life and family with someone they loved, respected, and trusted. And that's exactly what they found in each other.

When Rejena sent me their story, she ended it with a paragraph that was just too perfect not to be quoted. She said, "James and I knew we were right for each other from the beginning. I'd always read about couples like that and been skeptical of their stories in the past. But that's exactly how it felt. Even before I knew he was the man I was going to marry, I "knew" he was the man I would marry. I couldn't imagine my life with anyone else."

James, Rejena, and I met up at Guillermo's in Little Rock for their engagement session… the same coffee shop they met at for the first time. During our time together, it was just so obvious that the two of them are crazy about each other… and I hope these images clearly reflect the love that they share.