Picnics & Campfires | Ryne and Tara's Arkadelphia Engagement

As they walked through the field, hand in hand with Hershey running ahead, Ryne and Tara looked at each other and smiled. They smiled, remembering how far they had come and all of the memories they shared in that very field. Every time they just needed to get away for a while, they would load Hershey up and drive to the Ouachita Baptist University disc golf fields, just to be alone and have some space to breathe. Today they were simply grateful that God had brought them together… not only today, but for the rest of their lives.

When I heard Ryne and Tara's love story, I thought it was one of the most wonderful stories I've heard to date. Partly because I've known Ryne since my freshman year of college and I was just so excited for the two of them... but mostly because it was such a beautiful story of forgiveness, redemption, and second chances. A beautiful, wonderful picture of the gospel and the way Jesus loves us.

When you meet Ryne and Tara, you'll immediately notice two things: their silly, adventurous and fun-loving personalities and their desire to glorify God with every single aspect of their lives. Including their relationship with one another. I'm so blessed to know these two… and even more blessed to have the opportunity to document this season of their lives! A few days ago, Ryne, Tara, and I met at the Ouachita disc golf fields for their Arkadelphia engagement photos before heading to the lake to build a campfire as the sun set. I loved that the locations they chose were places that were special to them and full of memories… and I loved how much fun they have together! Seriously, ya'll-- I'm sure you'll be able to tell by the following images, but they're such a joyful couple… and such a joy to be around.

Tara and Ryne, thank you so much for spending a few hours with me (and for your patience as I scrambled around, continually photographing you WELL after the sun went down :)!!  You both are really special to me, and I just can't wait until next October!!