The Wedding Workshop | Behind the Scenes

A few weeks ago, I posted a couple of images of The Wedding Workshop I had the opportunity to be a part of. While the styled shoot was absolutely gorgeous, you might have picked up by now that my ABSOLUTE favorite images are the candid moments that we often let slip by unnoticed. So, today I'm super excited to share with you some of the behind the scenes photographs!

Cassie Jones headed up The Workshop and spent quite a bit of time teaching us her entire wedding workflow. She explained the way she goes about absolutely everything, from the moment she gets an email to the final delivery of the wedding images... and absolutely everything in-between. In between lessons, we took breaks to shoot our model, Lanye, as she got her hair and makeup done.


Whatever it takes to get the shot, right guys? :) It kind of made me laugh to look over and see this, though!


About halfway through the getting ready portion of the day, I took a few minutes to explain how I go about shooting close-up details (especially rings) with an LED light, a reversing ring, and my 50mm. I know this method doesn't work for everyone, but it was fun to have the opportunity to explain a little bit of what I do!


Once Cassie talked through the majority of her pre-wedding workflow, we moved outside to begin shooting the details our fantastic vendors provided. Cassie explained how and when she goes about shooting these details on a real wedding day, as well as the best way to shoot certain items (like the bouquet) in order to make pretty pictures. :)


After we finished up photographing our details, we moved on to posing. Honestly, I think this was the best part of the entire day. Cassie has a very unique and effective method to posing that makes her couples look like models while simultaneously capturing their personalities. It's pretty legit. :)


Once it got too dark (and cold!) to shoot anymore, we went back inside to finish up talking through things like post-wedding communication and editing. During this time, Cassie allowed me to give a fairly-comprehensive-20-minute-overview of Lightroom editing and what each button does. Every time I remove chromatic aberrations from my images now, I think, "there's just no excuse for this." Umm... you probably would have had to be there. :)

I also got to chat quite a bit about the way that I approach a wedding day from the view of a photojournalist. It was really fun to see how different Cassie and I are in our approaches, yet how our different styles are perfect for our different business models and the types of clients we attract. It's so encouraging to me that a group of 15 or so professionals who all work in the same area could come together without feeling like we're secretly competitors, because we realize that we all work differently and our differences attract different types of people. Instead, we could spend the entire day together, laughing and learning from each other as genuine friends and colleagues.

I really, really like that.