Top 15 Best Things about 2013

Happy New Year, friends!!
Honestly, I am more than ready for a new year. This past year, a lot of life-altering things happened, and while they were great.... there were a lot of not-so-great things that came along with them and I'm so ready to put them behind me and move. on.
But more on that later. :)

Rather than dwell on the hard parts, I wanted to take today to celebrate what was great about 2013 and everything the Lord has done! It was truly a fantastic year, and looking back, I can't believe how blessed I was!

1. My senior show went really well. 



2. I had the opportunity to go to Trevor Dayley's workshop in Kansas City.



3. Spent about a week in New York City.



4. Met Katelyne (a showiteer! :) and did my first styled shoot ever with her. 



5. I joined our church and was baptized for real!

6. Went to the Christians in photojournalism conference.



7. Planned a wedding (with a TON of help from family and friends!)

8. Graduated college.



9. Got married. :) 

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10. Went to California for our honeymoon. 



11. Found our first home together and started being a real adult for the first time. 



12. I quit my college Starbucks job, OFFICIALLY started my business, photographed 19 weddings this year.

I couldn't have asked for a better year, business wise. Seriously. I worked for some of the most amazing people, and I'm so grateful for all of the opportunities I had.



13. I had the opportunity to teach a weekly girl's bible study in our home.

It was one of the highlights of my weeks. Also, Cody took over revive. 



14. I read about twelve books.



15. I grew in knowledge and understanding of the Bible.

Specifically in my understanding of the gospel, false teachers, and end times. Though my progress seemed slow at times, I know the Lord was working in my life.