The Experience | Should I do a Bridal Session?

If you're unfamiliar with the concept, a bridal session is a uniquely southern tradition where the bride gets all dressed up (without your groom!) several weeks before her wedding day for the purpose of making photographs that will ultimately be displayed at the wedding reception. After the wedding, theses portraits (usually a large canvas and a smaller print) will be given as a gift to the mother and father of the bride, and proudly hang in their home for years to come. Bridal sessions can be a great thing and add significantly to your overall wedding experience, but I also realize that they’re certainly not for everyone. As you’re considering whether or not you’d like to do one, here are some bridal session benefits to consider...


It’s a practice run for your hair and makeup.

Many brides will use their bridal session to have their hair and makeup professionally done by the same person who will be doing it on their wedding day. These photos ensure that everything looks amazing on camera and allows you to see if there are any changes you’d like to make before the big day!

It’s a once in a lifetime experience with your closest family and/OR friends.

Your bridal photo will be on your (and your family’s) walls for decades, and every time you look at it, you’ll remember the joy you felt... and the people you were with. If you bring along a close friend or family member, you're able to have a unique time together that you will never have the chance to experience again. These photographs are special, and they mean even more when they’re spent with those you love.

You get to wear your dress more than once.

And who doesn't want that?

There is less pressure on your wedding day.

You’ve already had your individual bridal portraits taken, so it’s one less thing to have to squeeze into your wedding day timeline. Plus, you’ll receive more images of you in your dress... we normally don’t have time to take more than 5-10 photographs of you alone on the wedding day.

You have the opportunity to stylize these images.

We’ll have time to be as creative as you want during your bridal session and the opportunity to stylize the shoot to incorporate your hobbies, occupation, interests. If you have something special in mind, let me know and we'll make it happen.

You’ll be able to display an image at the reception.

Many brides want to a nice portrait of themselves in their wedding attire to use as a part of the reception decor, and a bridal session is the only way to make this happen.