New Ways to Communicate

Over the past year or so, Facebook has slowly been changing the way it's algorithms work for business pages. Used to, when a business would post something on Facebook, the large majority of their fans and followers would see the content. But now, due to these changes, fewer and fewer people are being notified. Last month, they put another update into action that now shows business posts to even less followers. For example, I have just over 500 "fans" on Facebook. (Which is kind of crazy to me. Just saying.) Of those 500, I'm having a VERY good day if 200 people see something I post. Normally, about 60-100 people see them. I think it's kind of incredible that 60-100 people are engaged in the content I produce, but still. Statistically, 12-20% view rate isn't considered awesome.

The reason people who "like" my business page aren't being told whenever I update is simple: Facebook wants me (and other business owners) to pay to promote our posts in order to be seen. While I understand this decision and the direction their moving in, I've been thinking a lot about how to be more intentional in the way I engage followers. For the past year or so, most of my blog traffic has come from Facebook, and now that it's declining, I feel like I've put all of my eggs in a basket with a hole in the bottom. I never want the success of my business to be determined by a third party, so in an attempt to become more inclusive rather than less, I've been brainstorming how to break away from Facebook just a bit.

Yes, I'll still be posting there. As frequently as ever. But I'm no longer putting all of my eggs in the leaky Facebook basket. I'm  going to be more intentional about communicating via other channels, the most important of which being this blog.

Honestly? I love this place. I love that it's mine and I can share whatever I want to, whenever I want to. I love that you can comment whenever you're so inclined, and we can have a conversation here. I love that it's a space for both my work and my life, and I'm excited for the bits of my life that I'm going to be able to share with you here later this year.

Up until this point, the only way you've been able to keep up with my blog is if you decide that you want to check it and type the address in, or you follow the links I put out on Facebook. In an attempt to be more inclusive, I've set up a subscription umm...thingie.... (< technical term) that you can enter your email address into and blog updates will be delivered directly to your inbox. In addition to blog updates, there's a place to indicate whether you're a bride, photographer, both, or neither, and I plan to send out exclusive content via email tailored to your interests!

I'm excited for this new way to keep in touch, and I hope that it allows better communication in the future! If you're interested in signing up for blog posts delivered directly to your inbox (and some random exclusive content!), click the subscribe button at the top of the page, or enter your info here:


In addition, if you'd like to keep up with me on other various outlets, here's a bunch of links with places I'll be:

In Person: Still my preferred method of communication. Let's have coffee. :)