The best Wedding Send-Off and Grand Exit Ideas

When I ask couples early on what they plan to do for their grand exit, I'm usually met with blank stares. Even as a bride, I put the "what should we do for our exit??" decision off until the VERY last minute.
Umm. Like. We had talked about it, but didn't make a final decision until the day of.

Anyway, I hope these wedding send-off and grand exits tips and ideas are useful for you and help you brain-storm and plan this part of your day! Hopefully, much sooner than I did. :)

Here are a couple images from a few weddings I've photographed (or second shot) over the past year. It's one thing to have a fantastic idea, and another to see how that idea might look on film, so I hope these images are helpful and inspiring. (Feel free to click on the image to see more from these wedding!)


Flower Petals


Glow Sticks 






Other Ideas:

- Lavender (I've seen this stored in rolled-up newspaper cones and it's so, so pretty!!)
- Lanterns or Candles
- Paper airplanes (This is what Lucas and I did at our wedding! Not only was it fun for our guests to make their own, but it made for some pretty fantastic images!)
- Sequins (they're shiny and large enough to show up in pictures!)
- Leaves (perfect for an outdoor fall wedding!)
- Artificial snow for winter weddings
- Silly string
- Pom poms
- Flags
- Bells
- Umbrellas or parasols
- Sprinkles (like the kind you put on cupcakes. Only outdoors, though. It'd be WAY messy inside.)