February Highlights & March Goals

As we unlocked the door and stepped into our little home, everything felt a bit surreal. Like we'd simultaneously been gone for years but really just hours. Things were strangely out of place, not quite how I remembered it, and yet absolutely the same. It was the first time since Lucas and I were married that we've left home for that long and it was both a bittersweet return and SUCH a blessing to finally sleep in our own bed again.

After nearly two and a half weeks of a crazy, anything-but-ordinary schedule, it also feels a bit strange to sit back down in this familiar office chair, coffee in hand, and spend the morning writing emails. Doing my normal, every day work and a thousand little things I was unable to do while we were away. Blogging again. My poor blog was absolutely neglected over the past three weeks, more so than I think it's ever been since starting my business. I feel a bit bad about it, but I honestly think I needed the break. You wouldn't imagine it, but writing regularly three times a week is kind of draining. It was getting to the point where I dreaded sitting down to blog, which is a very bad sign. I want my blog to be a labor of love, not a chore. When it's something I force myself to do, you can tell. It's no longer passionate, it's just... there. Normal, boring, routine, and not worth reading. I think some time away was good for my soul and my writing... I'm going to begin sharing life with you again in so many ways and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Anyway. After driving 4,000 miles and being gone almost two and a half weeks there are a lot of things I could tell you. The people we met, the new experiences we had, and the wonderful things I learned about life and business. Those things will come. In the meantime, I wanted to share some of the major highlights of February and my hopes and dreams for March... even though it's already nearly 1/3 passed.

In February, I booked a lot of weddings. Watched a lot of creative live. Threw a not-so-surprise birthday party for Hailey. :) Went to several the senior exhibitions of several of my good friends. Caught up in a lot of areas. Spent some wonderful time with wonderful friends and stayed up a bit too late a bit too often. Got to see my parents for the first time in months. Photographed Christian and Nicole's engagement session. Touched a cactus for the first time. Got to see the Hannons (!!! :):):)!! Which was fantastic!! So SO good to see you again, Jennie!! :)) Saw the ocean. Had great desires to sell everything and move to Santa Barbara. Met some incredibly wonderful people at United. Forced myself to say hello to a lot of strangers. Learned a lot of new business strategies that I need to process and begin to implement.

In March, I want to read a lot more. (Like a lot more. Of everything.) I seriously want to start watching the sunrise. I did this morning and I realized how much I missed it. Spend less time on social media and maybe even delete Facebook from my phone. Drink more water and start running. Even though I hate it. Take more breaks. Care more about others than I do myself in very practical ways. Solidify and habitualize the time management skills I've been learning over the past two months. And definitely hopefully play with a kitten at least once before the month is over.