A Downtown Hot Springs Engagement | Alex & Chris

Their story is one of those beautiful tales that just take time. Lots and lots of time. Although Chris and Alex attended the same high school and college, they never ran in the same circles. He was the bashful scholar; she was the loud and charismatic cheerleader. She was too interested in building her social repertoire and chatting on AIM to take note of the dashingly handsome boy in the back of AP Euro. It wasn’t until they moved back to their hometown years later that their paths finally crossed and they began to take notice of one another. He was still a reserved but polished history buff. She was still boisterous and loved to laugh at her own jokes.

Alex likes to joke, "He is definitely the yin to my yang, and if it took marrying me to get the poor boy to stop wearing his 1998 Tax March on Washington midriff-tee than it is worth it. :) And I knew that if any two people could not only tolerate but enjoy each other's company for a 13 hour drive to Harry Potter World at Univeral Studios then it must be meant to be.”

And when I met up with the two of them a few days ago, I realized that is really a perfect description of the love that they share. As I watched Alex and Chris joke around and play with their bulldogs, Ralph and Brutus, I was overwhelmed with happiness that the two of them found each other.

Alex and Chris, thank you SO MUCH for trusting me to document this season of your life!! I think you’re both pretty great, and I had so much fun wandering around downtown Hot Springs with the two of you (even though it got quite chilly!) and I can’t wait until the next time we see each other again!!

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