Chris and Natalie's Outdoor Engagement | Downtown & Dogwoods

He was a med student; she was working on her masters in Medical Science. They were both incredibly busy, but very interested in each other, and scheduled their first date nearly month in advance. As the date approached, Natalie became increasingly excited to spend time with this man she kept running into. They were supposed to go out for sushi, but she was sick on the day that they had arranged to spend together so long ago. Instead, Chris cooked her dinner, and one dinner led to another…. and another. Soon enough, Chris asked Natalie to allow him to cook for her on Valentine’s Day as he told her the reasons he loved her and asked her to spend forever with him. Chris and Natalie made their way to Arkadelphia last week for their engagement session, and it was an absolute pleasure to spend a few hours with the two of them. It was incredibly obvious that Chris adored Natalie and she was absolutely in love with him as well. Their personalities balance each other out perfectly, and they’re both an absolute pleasure to be around.

Chris and Natalie, thank you so much for trusting me to document this season of your life. Despite the eminent threats of rain, the time we spent together could not have been more perfect and I hope the photographs we made together always remind you of the love that you share.