How to get Facebook Page Notifications You want to See


Facebook is CONSTANTLY changing, and sometimes it feels impossible to keep up. As a content creator, it's important for me to try to stay on top of the updates and changes that Facebook (frequently!!) makes, and it's still a HUGE struggle for me. I can't even imagine how difficult it is for a regular Facebook user. So. In case you're not super up on the times, here are a few fun facts and Facebook statistics for you to impress your friends with:

- Facebook launched pages for businesses in 2007. Back in the day, the majority of your content would pop up in on the news feeds of your fans. After all, they DID "like" your page. However, since it's beginning in 2007, the reach of Business Page posts have only been decreasing. - In April of 2012, Facebook let us know that Fan Pages posts only reach about 16% of their audience. More recently, a study revealed that number nowadays is closer to 6%. That means 6 out of every 100 fans actually see the content you're creating. - If you're not frequently engaging with a page (liking, commenting, posting on their wall, etc.), Facebook thinks that you're not interested in them and will show you less and less of their content.

All of these changes mean that even if you're interested in receiving notifications from pages you've specifically liked, the chances you will see them pop in your newsfeed are very slim. But the good news is that there IS something you can do about this!! Even though they're not common knowledge Facebook HAS created options that will allow you to keep up with pages you're interested in following! Below is how to get Facebook Page notifications:


1. Make sure there are check marks beside both "liked" and "following" 

This ensures that notifications WILL show up in your timeline. Otherwise, Facebook thinks you're not interested in following the page and will likely not show you any of their content.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 1.22.18 PM

2. Create an "interest list" for pages you especially want to follow

There are a select number of photographers and brands that I'm very interested in keeping up with. I want to be notified when they post blogs, updates, and new content, so I've created an interest list for them. The interest list will show up on the left hand panel of your dashboard under "interests" and show you ALL of the updates the pages you've put in there send out. I use this thing like an RSS feed and check it more than my general Facebook newsfeed. Holla.

3. Check "turn on notifications" 

When you do this, you get a notification whenever the specific page posts new content. I don't have this turned on for any pages because I don't want to get CONSTANT notifications on my phone/browser, but it's certainly an option for people you want to stalk extra. :)

I hope these tips help you navigate the ever increasing difficulties of Facebook and see more posts by those you care about!! Happy Thursday!!