To My Husband, On His Birthday

To my dearest husband on his birthday,
Looking back, it's crazy to think we've spent your past three birthdays together. Remember that first one? How you spent all afternoon cooking for and serving your friends instead of enjoying the day? We'd only been dating a few days at that point, and oh how we've changed since then. For the better.
Definitely for the better.

Over the years, I've only become more and more proud of the person you're becoming. Remember the first time you led revive? I think I still have the essay that you wrote as a script somewhere in our desk. Or remember the notes you used to leave under my door to read when I woke up in the morning? I still cherish those. It's genuinely been an honor to watching you become the man you are today, and I couldn't be more excited to continue to learn and grow with you.

So. Thank you. Thank you for just being you. Thank you for giving me advice when I need it, telling me when I'm silly when I don't make sense, and for the silence when words just can't help. For listening to me ramble on about things you surely don't care about. But are still genuinely interested anyway, because you're interested in me. Thank you for going on all sorts of crazy adventures with me, and never telling me it's TOO crazy.

I love you, and I'm excited to celebrate many more birthdays to come.

- Stephanie