Ryan & Anna's Downtown Plano Texas Engagement

Anna took a deep breath and watched Ryan make his way toward her. She nodded as he asked her to dance, a million thoughts running through her head. She knew there was something special about this man… she had known it since they met, nearly a year ago. Although she hadn’t seen him since, she lived with his sister and so their lives were somehow strangely and beautifully intertwined. Here they were, celebrating the wedding of Ryan’s sister who happened to be Anna’s roommate, dancing together, and thinking just maybe.

When Ryan asked for her phone number, Anna told his sister, who was thrilled that her brother was interested in her roommate. They spent the following afternoon together, and then another and another.  Although they lived nine hours from each other, they were determined to make it work.

And they did.

They were apart for four years, spending time with each other mostly through phone calls and Skype, and building a solid foundation of communication skills and commitment. After four long years, Anna moved to Dallas to be closer to Ryan and two weeks before Christmas, Ryan proposed in front of their friends and family.

On Sunday, I met the two of them at Haggard Park in Plano, Texas… the same park where Ryan proposed. It was a pleasure spending the afternoon wandering around with the two of them… and with two of the most well behaved dogs I’ve ever seen. Ryan and Anna, thank you for letting me into your lives for a few hours, and I can’t wait to see both of you again in September!