A Crystal Bridges Engagement | Hunter & Steph

Although he studied restaurant and hospitality management, he chose to enroll in an equine class that warm spring semester. He had always been interested in horses, he enjoyed the teacher…. and he hoped he might possibly catch a few glimpses of the “horse girl”… a TA who had caught his attention the previous semester in his animal science class. On the first day of classes, Hunter was thrilled to see that Stephanie, “the horse girl”, would be TAing his equine class. Soon, he mustered up the courage to go talk to her… and while Stephanie wasn’t immediately impressed, he was determined to make her his. On Valentine’s Day, Hunter marched right up to Stephanie after class and asked her if she would be his Valentine. She was speechless, and finally replied, “I guess I do now!”. Hunter then used her number listed on the syllabus to text her and ask her to go out with him that afternoon, and while she turned him down… she couldn’t stop thinking about this brash, persistent, and goofy man.

Eventually, Hunter wore Stephanie down and she agreed to go out with him. He was charming and a bit cheesy, but she found herself enjoying his company… and the fact that he was an excellent cook only helped win her affections. :) They’ve been together ever since, and they both agree that falling in love with each other was the easiest thing they have ever done.

On Monday, Lucas and I met Steph and Hunter in Bentonville, AR for their engagement session. We laughed and told stories as we wandered around the trails surrounding Crystal Bridges, and it honestly isn’t possible for me to have enjoyed the evening any more thoroughly. Hunter and Steph are goofy, adventurous, and completely crazy about each other, and it was truly a joy to document a bit of their relationship.

Steph and Hunter, thank you for spending the afternoon with us! I don’t even know how to express how much we enjoyed it and we hope these memories will be precious to you for years to come!