Ricky and Kali's River Engagement in Broken Bow, Oklahoma

He was the coach; she was the photographer. They didn’t talk much, but Kali vividly remembers catching some blue eyes from across the field when the season was over. What she didn’t realize was that the man across the field saw her too… and asked some of the other coaches about her. Soon, he discovered that he was coaching her little brother, and never in a million years did Kali think that her 16 year old brother would conspire to try to set her up on a date. But he just wouldn’t leave her alone about talking to this mysterious coach, so she added him on Facebook and thought she would leave it at that. But they just couldn't leave it at that.

Finally, with a little but of help and intervention from a certain brother, Kali and Ricky ended up at the same place at the same time after a game one night. They found themselves dancing together occasionally... and watching each other from across the dance floor when they weren’t. Ricky tried to impress Kali with fancy two-step spins… but little did he know she was already rather impressed.

That night was the beginning of a sweet season of their lives as acquaintances who became best friends that would eventually fell in love. They’re personalities were the perfect balance for each other, and before they knew it they had been together for over a year. On Christmas day, surrounded by their family as Kali set up the tripod for a family picture, Ricky got down on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring and asked her the best question she had ever heard. Kali was in disbelief, and while she doesn’t even remember actually saying yes, it was all over her face, her body, her heart. Yes, she would marry him, without a doubt in the world.

Lucas and I met up with Kali and Ricky in Broken Bow Oklahoma for their river engagement session on Sunday, and I’ve been excited about this day for MONTHS. Kali and I instantly became friends from the first time we talked on the phone, and I’ve only grown to love her more and more since. When she said she wanted to go canoeing for her engagement session, I couldn’t have been more excited… and I think we chose the perfect place to do it! While the rocks in the river definitely posed a challenge on the way back upstream, they were the perfect backdrop for our time together, and I couldn’t be more thankful for their adventurous spirits and willingness to do whatever it takes to make the photograph. Kali and Ricky, thank you for a wonderful afternoon adventure, and we hope you love these photographs and cherish the memories for years to come!