Just Being Real for a Second

I’m just going to be real for a second. Life. has. been. absolutely. crazy.

Over the past year, Lucas and I have lived in an apartment about two blocks from where we went to college. While it served us well throughout our first year of marriage and we created countless beautiful memories there, it was definitely housing aimed towards college students… and about six months in I was struggling with being content where I was, but very much wanting to leave. We had several long talks about our future and whether or not it was worth it to move… the last thing we wanted to do was get all moved and then leave Arkadelphia a few months later. Realistically looking at our goals and expectations, it looked like we were going to be living in Arkadelphia another year or two… and I honestly couldn’t imagine living in a cockroach infested apartment with hardcore parties seeping through our shared walls for another two years. We didn’t want to buy a house because we didn’t want to be stuck in Arkadelphia forever, but it’s very difficult to find houses for rent here. We began looking anyway… and by the grace of God found our house literally the same day.

About three weeks ago, Lucas and I began moving in. It was an exciting time… and then became a very stressful time as we frantically tried to find enough hours in the day to finish moving before we left for a family vacation the following week. We honestly moved the last of everything about three hours before we hoped in the car and left the lower 48 for a week.

Our time in Alaska was beautiful and wonderful and a really, really great time to get away from our routines and work for a few days. I think it was something that both of us needed, and we couldn’t have felt more blessed to have the opportunity to go.

When we returned, we immediately jumped into making our house livable, and to be honest, it’s still a complete and total mess one week later. I’m trying to have a bit of grace with myself, knowing that there are only so many hours in the day, and this is a very unique time in our lives where we can’t be expected to juggle everything perfectly. But even through what’s been one of the craziest seasons of life we’ve had in a while, God has been so incredibly faithful and we couldn’t be more thrilled about where we’re at. We just got to spend a week in Alaska. I’m busy pursuing my dream and working a job that I absolutely adore. Lucas is just weeks away from getting his CFI rating and beginning to teach aviation students at Henderson. We live in the cutest house, and I couldn’t be more excited to make it ours. To have a place to invite friends over with our own four walls. To be able to do laundry whenever I want. To get a kitten. I’m especially excited about that one. :)

Truly, God is currently blessing us with more physical blessings that we could ever possibly deserve or ask for. Yet even when things are going well (even if just a tiny bit crazy! :), I want to keep my eyes on the greatest blessing He could ever possibly give us - Himself. Our jobs, the house, even our soon-to-be-kittens will one day all be gone… but He will remain. Where my treasure is, there my heart will be also… and I truly desire my heart to be fixed on The Only One worthy of being treasured.

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