Moving into our new Home & Visiting Alaska | July Highlights & August Goals

The year is absolutely, officially, more than halfway over, and my head is spinning a bit just thinking about how much has happened and how quickly it's gone by. It seems like just yesterday that I sat down at my desk, determined to make 2014 super productive, intentional, and memorable. And honestly? It's been all of those things, just not quite in the ways that I imagined. In a lot of ways, I know that I need to push myself to grow over the next several months, but today I just want to celebrate all of the little victories and adventures that July brought our way.

I photographed weddings every weekend in July, except for the one I was in Alaska. Oh, and I got to go to Alaska.... Which was absolutely incredible in every way. I'll blog about that specifically soon! I also got to spend more time with my parents than I have in a long time, which was nice. :) Lucas and I moved out of our first apartment and into our first house together. The office is still a disaster, but we've made SO MUCH PROGRESS in every other room. Nothing is finished, but it's coming together!! I've become kind of obsessed with interior design. I'm just so determined to make our home a functional, simplified space where others feel welcome and comfortable. I've spent more time than I thought was humanly possible on IKEA's website, planning for our pilgrimage there in a few weeks. Seriously. I think I probably have a browser open with something IKEA-related right now. I've booked several 2015 weddings this month, which is makes me feel both incredibly blessed and excited for what's to come!

August is going to be a pretty laid-back month as far as my wedding season goes, so I'm going to take the opportunity while I can to focus a bit on my life, marriage, and priorities before things get crazy again in September. I've learned so much about myself through the craziness of shooting weddings every weekend this Spring/Summer, and I want to take that knowledge and put systems in place to better manage my time in the coming months. I also want to use August to get our new home completely in order (which will be much easier after our IKEA trip in a few weeks! Seriously, ya'll. I shouldn't be as excited about this as I am.) and establish a few routines and habits that will make life happier.

Finally, the most urgent and clearly significant goal for the month of August is to bring home Marly the cat. Because our house just isn't home without a cat. Obviously. :)