A Downtown McKinney, Texas Engagement | Jason & Stephanie

When he thought about the best way to propose, their upcoming trip to Florida seemed like the natural, romantic choice. But as they were preparing to leave, Jason realized that it just wouldn’t be quite them. For a couple who would rather spend the night binging on netflix with their cats than go out with friends, it made the most sense for Jason to ask Stephanie to be his wife where they were most comfortable. Together, at home. So instead he lit some candles, gathered all their kitties in one room, and asked Stephanie to spend forever with him while soft music filled the air. Stephanie was so shocked and caught off guard that she couldn’t stop laughing, overjoyed by the fact that they would officially spend the rest of their days together. This past weekend, Lucas and I met Steph and Jason outside of Dallas for their downtown McKinney engagement session. We spent some time at their future wedding venue, peeking in interesting store windows, and trying not get hit by a car. :) It’s incredibly clear that Stephanie and Jason are perfect for each other, and it was a joy to document a bit of their love for them.

Stephanie and Jason, thank you so much for allowing us into your lives for an afternoon. We had a fantastic time getting to know you better and bonding over our mutual cat ownership. :) We hope that when you look at these photographs, you see the love that you share… and we hope you’ll cherish that always.