Getting Settled & Kitten Snuggles | August Highlights & September Goals

August was simultaneously one of the least and most memorable months of 2014 to date. Honestly, Luke and I didn't have a whole lot going on this past month. We shot a couple of engagements and weddings, but overall, our calendars weren't overflowing and we had lots of laid back afternoons where our only plans were to watch The Office and eat ice-cream. Just being real.

However, two of the most life changing things of the year happened last month, which more than made up for our general unproductiveness. :) Towards the beginning of the month, Lucas finished his CFI training and became an official flight instructor at Henderson. It was a long road, but he's finally flying for a living and loving it! So while he's been instructing for a few weeks now, he actually begin his first OFFICIAL day of flight slots and flying all day long today, and I couldn't be more excited for and proud of him!

Also, over the past few months Lucas and I have developed a habit of visiting the humane society whenever we're going through cat withdraws and just want to pet some furry babies for a while. So, at the beginning of the month, we went and absolutely fell. in. love. with a kitten there. She was about 8 weeks old at the time, tiny, and the sweetest little thing in all of kitten history. We brought her (and her momma!) home the next day, and have absolutely LOVED having two new additions to our little family! Josie is growing up SO quickly, and it's been really fun having her around and watching her develop from a tiny little kitten to a slightly less tiny crazy kitty who is just getting to the age that she's literally bouncing off the walls for most of the day. :)

It was fantastic to have a bit of a break from wedding season in August, but I'm honestly excited for it to pick back up this month! In September, I'm returning to my normal schedule of photographing weddings every weekend, and I'm excited to get back into my regular routine again! I'm hoping that this short little break will be exactly what I needed to be able to finish the year well, and I'm excited about what this fall holds! I'm officially transitioning my work to be a hybrid of digital and film photography, and I honestly can't wait to see how that transition will evolve and grow both my business and work!

But until then.... here's an overwhelming number of kitten photos. :)

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