The Top Five Things I Love About Having a Kitten

1. I always have someone to cuddle with.

Well… I have someone to cuddle with about 60% of the time. She spends the other 40% of her life sprinting through the house and bouncing off the walls.


2. They’re great companions, but they not super needy.

With our schedule and the amount of time we spend traveling, it would be very difficult to take care of an animal that requires more attention. I love that we can load them up with food and water, leave for a day or two, and they don’t even miss us.


3. Kittens are painfully cute and whenever I want to smile, all I have to do is look at her.

She’s always getting into shenanigans, which has increased the number of times I laugh throughout the day exponentially. (And also the number of times I get frustrated because she’s constantly destroying things.)


4. It’s a great feeling to know that, because of all of my care and attention, a tiny little creature loves me.

Well. Maybe not love. To be honest, she’s probably fairly indifferent. But I like to think she loves me. :)


5. I have a constant stream of photo inspiration.

I’m fairly sure I have at least 100 pictures of Josie on my phone now. Every day it tells me that I need to delete some in order to take more. But I just can’t.