A Spring Lake Park Engagement in Mankato, Minnesota | Nate & Christine

She swore she’d never go on a blind date. Yet, here she was. Sitting across the table from a stranger at a cute little place downtown, trusting that her best friend wouldn’t steer her in the wrong direction. And she didn’t. One simple little blind date lead to another date… and another. And while, like any good story, theirs had a couple chapters, the lessons they learned over the years only made their love stronger. Christine and Nate’s story proves that love has no limit to its endurance, and nearly a decade after their story began, Nate asked Christine to be his wife.

Since Christine and Nate live in Minnesota, Luke and I weren’t able to meet them until the day prior to their wedding. But the time we were able to spend with them was an absolute pleasure. These two are wonderfully joyful and low-key, and we had a great time exploring Spring Lake Park with them and making a few photographs together. Christine and Nate, thank you for inviting us into this season of your lives! We were honored to be there with you, and we hope you enjoy a few of these photos from our time together!