Downtown Little Rock Engagement Photos | Dawn & JD

The bell rang as the students took their seats. Throughout the class, there were noises of students shuffling through their backpacks for lined notebook paper, pencils, and calculators. Algebra 2 is a hardly a favorite subject for most high school students… but for Dawn and JD, it was the most important class of their sophomore year. It was in that very class, between equations and exponents, that they casually met and their friendship began. And while they really didn't begin to get to know each other until several months later, they both credit Algebra 2 as the beginning of their long and beautiful story. A story that officially began their junior year and continued for the next five years as they finished high school, went their separate ways for college, and began working toward their individual careers. In many ways, they became adults together. They stuck together through jobs, graduations, deaths, births, marriages, movies, trends, and various social media site, and next year they’ll commit to each other through whatever else may come their way.

Last week, I met Dawn and JD for their downtown Little Rock engagement photos. I had a wonderful time wandering around with them, trying not to get too cold but grateful it was warmer than it had been, and getting to know them both better. Dawn and JD, I couldn’t be more excited to document this season of life for you, and I hope you enjoy the photographs of the memories we made together!