Help Delight Become a Non-Profit + Mentorship Opportunity with Me!


Real.Raw. Relevant.

Delight is a community of young ladies ages 14-20 who are passionate about the creative arts. It's a way to inspire these ladies to grow in their faith, walk in like-minded community, and use their talents for the glory of God. But as I've become more and more involved over the past several years, I've realized that it's so much more.

It's a family. A place where girls all over the world can come together and find that, despite their differences, they have the most important thing in common. A place where you can feel safe sharing your deepest hurts, victories, and struggles. A place where others will come along side you and just listen.

It's a place where friendships begin. Lifelong, beautiful and deep friendships. It's a place of encouragement, love, and deep conversations. But, it's also a place of joy, silliness, and lots of chats about boys, makeup, and fashion. :) Over the past few years, I've seen Delight truly develop into a real, raw, and relevant place for teen girls, and it's one of the greatest joys of this season of my life to be a part of it.

All of this to say, this month Delight is raising money to officially file for it's non-profit status! This is a very important step for several reasons, but mostly it means that Delight is growing and will be able to host future events like workshops, retreats, and small groups with legal protection and confidence. It also will streamline the process for those wishing to donate and allow girls to receive scholarships to Delight events. Basically, non-profit status is a BIG deal, and we've already seen God's provision in incredible ways through it! The campaign has only been open for TWO weeks, and over $7,500 has already been raised!! At this point, the project is over 76% funded and I'm more than confident it will be completely funded by the end of the year!!

If you'd like to help, feel free to go here and donate! Even if you can just give a few dollars - every single dollar matters and will help reach our goal! ALSO! If you're a photographer (or aspiring photographer!) and interested in doing a one hour mentoring session with me, you can do so through donating just $350 to Delight! This is an incredible opportunity to both help an amazing cause and grow your business, and it's not going to happen again!! If you have any questions, please let me know, otherwise, go here to donate!

To learn more about Delight, you can visit the website.... Follow on Instagram: @delightandbe... Check out the blog... and finally, watch the video about the retreat to hear directly from some of the girls!

Happy Friday!