For You & For Future Generations

I love every single aspect of my job.

I love meeting with newly engaged couples who are so incredibly excited to plan their wedding.
I love sharing my experiences and helping them plan the perfect event.
I love meeting up the couple of months later and hanging out for an afternoon, creating engagement photographs of two people in love to cherish forever.
And I love documenting wedding days in an authentic, timeless, and beautiful way.

But, honestly, one of my very favorite parts of the entire #snexperience is sitting down after the wedding and beginning to design their wedding album. Because after the day is over, this is what lasts. This perfectly curated and bound album is the culmination of months (sometimes years!) of planning and it tells the story of their day in a way nothing else can. It's their first family heirloom, and it's a priceless treasure that will be passed down for generations. It's something that will be pulled off the shelf fifty years from now and shown to grandchildren as they're planning their own wedding. They'll be able to sit together, flip through these very pages, reminisce, and share about a day full of a love so strong that started a family. 

It's an incredible thing, and it's an honor to be a part of documenting these legacies.