Our Everyday Adventures | Edition 1

Those of you who have been around here for a while know that I've always been a writer. I've kept a journal since I learned how to write, and although things have changed significantly since the days when I wrote about my kindergarten crush on Doug Funny, I still love keeping a record of my life to look back, reminisce, and remember.

A few years ago, I wrote a weekly journal entry called "Highlights & how God worked this week", in which I wrote out a list of memorable moments, answered prayers, and encounters I never wanted to forget. Today, these are some of my favorite entries to look back on because they remind me that it was the hundreds and thousands of everyday, ordinary moments that made up months and years that I'll cherish forever. I didn't realize it at the time, but these moments were precious, and each of them work together to create this one beautiful, extraordinary life I'm given to live. 

I want to remember the precious, ordinary moments that make up an extraordinary life, and I want to share just a few of them with you every week. These memories aren't big or life changing, but they're mine. They're the every day things that make up my life, and someday I know I will look back on them and be able to recognize just how incredible these days truly were. 

Our Everyday Adventures  November 6-13:

 For the past few months, I’ve become increasingly more interested in making everything in our home from scratch with only natural, healthy ingredients. I love both the challenge of creating common household products and foods and the benefits of using real ingredients and ridding our home of synthetic poop. (insert poop emoji here) All of that to say, this week I made my own vanilla coffee creamer completely from scratch and it’s delicious. In the past, I’ve made my own creamer from half and half, store-bought sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla, which tastes great but is still fairly awful in terms of real ingredients. This week I made my own sweetened condensed milk to add to the recipe, and it’s just so delicious. Seriously. Coffee is the only fluid I want to put into my body ever again. I’m drinking it right now. Obviously.

One of the very first weddings I photographed was for a wonderful couple who now lives next door to Lucas and I. We were not only able to be a part of their wedding, but we’ve gotten to celebrate with them as the years have passed and their family has grown. This week, we celebrated their daughter’s second birthday with them… and it's just crazy how quickly the time is just flying by!! But I love how the couples I work with are #snbrides for life, even if they don’t realize it at the time.

— I still own an ancient iPhone 4s with a tiny amount of memory that’s been completely full for years. Anytime I want to take a photograph with my phone, I have to delete 10 old photos… and then it lets me take one new one and tells me my storage is full again. (Why!?!?!) This means I pretty much never take photos because it’s just not worth the hassle, and this entire year has gone almost entirely undocumented. So. This week I bought a new camera that doubles as a backup for wedding days and a camera to carry around with me all of the time. It’s small enough that it easily fits in any bag, but the quality is outstanding and beautiful and I just love it.
Anyway, the moral of the story is that I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time this week following our cats around and photographing them. Because #camerasareforcats, right? 

— One afternoon, after Lucas got off of work, he took me to learn how to fly in an airplane simulator that the university uses at times to teach their students. And I mean, I don’t want to brag, but I didn’t crash us into the ground and virtually kill us all, so I’m going to call that a success. Don’t trust me in a real plane, though. 

— Every week, my friends and I go play trivia at a local restaurant… which is simultaneously super fun and reminds us how far behind us our crazy college days are. (not that we were ever crazy to begin with…) We’re fairly good at it, but we’ve had a lot of bad luck lately and this past week we came in last place. By a significant margin. At least we got a bag of smarties as an ironic consolation prize.

— I wanted to watch a musical this week, so Lucas picked Sweeney Todd. It was the most dark and horrifying movie I’ve ever watched and at the end of it I was left desperately grasping to understand the moral or point or what I was supposed to get out of this experience. If anyone can help me out here, I’d greatly appreciate it, because seriously… so depressing and meaningless.

— I spent a few hours with one of my wonderful brides, catching up on life and chatting about her upcoming wedding. In the past, my wedding season has ended in mid to late November, but this year we’ll be shooting almost through the end of December, and I’m just so excited about our ‘winter’ weddings this year! Although, knowing Arkansas, it’ll be 65 degrees and beautiful all month long. :)

— Lucas and I saw a video floating around somewhere on the internet of a pie made entirely out of cookies, melted caramel, and chocolate chips. And we’ve been obsessed with making it ever since. So last night we finally made it to the store, bought the most unhealthy conglomerate of ingredients ever (which I realize is completely contradictory to my healthy real foods goal. Progress, not perfection. :)), and made this delicious cookie concoction to share with our friends. It did not disappoint.