A Sentimental Arkansas Engagement Session | Cody & Hailey

He met her outside of the fine arts building after class. They walked together aimlessly, trying to get away from the crowd of other college students going to their classes. Soon they found themselves on the south lawn, surrounded by tall trees and winding sidewalks. Cody sat down on the first bench he saw and took a deep breath as he began a conversation that was months in the making. And although they didn’t realize it at the time, it was a conversation that would change their lives forever. There, on that red bench facing the theatre building, Cody asked Hailey to officially pursue a real relationship with him. 

And so, over the next year, what started as two people with mutual friends became a couple who had more in common with each other than they ever thought possible. They discovered they share the same love for adventure, cats, and setting things on fire… and most importantly, they discovered that both love Jesus more than they love each other. And they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Over the weekend, Hailey, Cody, and I re-visited several of the places that have been meaningful to them in their relationship. We created a few photographs of the two of them on the same bench where they began dating, then we headed out to the spot on the beach where Cody asked Hailey to be his wife. I had the best time spending the afternoon with these two, and I hope you enjoy just a few of my favorite photographs from our time together!