The Art of Photography | A Delight Intensive in Chelan, Washington

From the moment I heard about Delight, I knew it was something special. I felt an undeniable tug that I was meant to be a part of it, and over the years, I’ve watched the Lord use Delight for His kingdom and His glory in beautiful, undeniable ways. 

Delight is a community of young ladies ages 16-22 years old who are passionate about the creative arts. It’s a place to be loved and accepted in like-minded community, a place to learn about Jesus, and a place to grow and share talents for the glory of God. But it’s honestly so much more. It’s a place where ladies all over the world have come together to find that, despite their differences, they have the most important thing in common. A place where they can feel safe sharing their deepest hurts, victories, and struggles. A place where others can come along side them, pray, listen, and just be there. Truly, Delight has become a family, and it’s a joy to be a part of it. 

Since learning about Delight in 2012, I’ve watched it grow and develop into something incredible. I’ve had the honor of being a “big sister” to hundreds of girls around the world, as well as a leader in a smaller intensive group focused on photography. And on January 14-17th, I’m so excited to announce that Gabrielle Von Heyking and I will be teaching at the Delight intensive retreat in Chelan, Washington! This intensive workshop will focus on the art of photography and will consist of mornings meeting with the Lord, nights focused on worship, and days filled with information about photography, business, how both can reflect the character and creativity of God. During our time together, we will share both our hearts and our experiences with you and encourage you not only in your business, but in your relationship with The One who gave you this passion.

The Art of Photography intensive is designed to invest in you both as a daughter of our Heavenly Father, and as a photographer, a dreamer, and an entrepreneur. It’s designed to encourage you, to strengthen you, and to equip you to go out and change the world through your God-given passion for photography. 

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, head on over to the intensive website to learn more! I’m so excited to see how the Lord uses our time together, and I hope to see you there!