Fall BoBrook Farm Engagement Photographs | Langston + Kelsey

She wanted to go on an adventure, and he was happy to oblige. So they packed up the car and headed north to one of the most scenic areas in Arkansas. When they finally arrived, they couldn’t find the trail in the middle of the Buffalo Wilderness, so they asked a local who advised them to turn around. They were told that their car may not make it up the rough terrain, but they were determined. They had already driven over five hours for this, so against their better judgement, they decided to go for it. It was a rough, slow drive that made everyone car sick, but after an hour of dangerous roads, they finally arrived. 

As they began to walk down the trail, they heard thunder in the distance and smiled. Because rain was their favorite, and nothing would ruin this day. In fact, for them, rain would only make it better. So they continued to walk down the trial with growing excitement for the storm to come.

When arrived at the end of the trail and stood out on Hawksbill Craig, the view of rolling hills and the Buffalo River was absolutely breathtaking. And as if on cue, the skies opened and rain instantly soaked Kelsey, Langston, and their friends standing nearby. And it was then, in that beautiful moment on the edge of a cliff overlooking the most stunning views in Arkansas, that Langston got down on one knee. Kelsey looked at the man in front of her through the sheets of pouring rain and and knew that, as with most things in life, all of the struggles and hardships they encountered throughout the day to get here were so very worth it. And in that moment, she knew that this perfect, magical moment was just one of countless others that would come their way in their future as husband and wife.

I knew Kelsey and Langston had something special from our very first conversation. The way Kelsey talks about Langston and describes their relationship rivals even the most beautifully written novel, and her excitement for their future is contagious. This weekend, I met up with Kelsey and Langston in Little Rock for their BoBrook Farms engagement photos, and discovered that these two are even more wonderful in person! I had the best time getting to know them both better and it was truly an honor to photograph their love.

Kelsey and Langston, thank you for having such a great attitude all afternoon, even though it was so cold we couldn’t feel our fingers! I had an amazing time with both of you, and I hope these photographs capture every single nuance of the beautiful love that the two of you share.