A Romantic Arkansas Lakeside Engagement Photos | Jake & Cari

They should have met at least a dozen times before they did. As kids, they both attended every Pokemon day at the same book store. As teenagers, they were both on the drumline at different schools, but they played on the same field numerous times. They both attended the same college, hung out in the same places, and may have even had classes together. They never met, but it was completely natural that one day a mutual friend casually asked Jake if he knew Cari. He didn't, but he was curious about this woman that he apparently had so much in common with. And so a question that began as a simple conversation starter became an evening with two strangers sitting across from each other nervously eating pizza, trying not to make a mess, and getting to know each other better. And the more they got to know each other, the more they realized they had in common. From a mutual love for retro video games and comic books to playing with their puppies, Jake and Cari's personalities fit together in a way that just felt right. So after having just barely missed each other for their entire lives, this paths finally crossed in a way that would never be undone. 

I met up with Cari and Jake at DeGray lake over the weekend and had a wonderful time getting to know them both better as we explored the area. Although we were afraid it would rain all week long, the weather ended up being just perfect... cloudy, cool, and beautiful. DeGray lake is one of my favorite things about Arkadelphia, and it was a joy exploring it with these two and finding some beautiful new areas around the shores. 

Cari and Jake, thank you for trusting me to document your engagement. It is absolutely my honor to do so, and I just love how these photographs really capture your love and affection for each other. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and I absolutely cannot wait for the wedding!!