A Joyful Downtown Little Rock Engagement Session | Courtney & Ian

The lights were low and the music loud as a crowd gathered in downtown Little Rock to listen to the visiting band at Jaunitas. It was a performance reminiscent of high school for both Courtney and Ian, and although they didn’t know each other when they walked through the doors, they quickly met and began talking. That night, they bonded over their mutual love for serving the community and discovered that they had so much in common that they had to see each other again. And so two people who arrived at the show strangers left as friends who would soon become so much more. Over the course of time and in many ways, their relationship helped shape the people they are today, and now they couldn’t imagine doing life without each other.

I actually met Courtney and Ian briefly at a wedding we photographed earlier this year… and when Courtney caught the bouquet and Ian caught the garter, we knew it was just a matter of time. :) I was so thrilled to hear from Courtney after Ian proposed, and I had SUCH a great afternoon with these two earlier this week! We started our afternoon by grabbing coffee at Mylo’s, then headed downtown to explore the area around the river market. I loved having a chance to get to know both of them better and I couldn’t be more excited for their Spring wedding!

Courtney and Ian, thank you for trusting me to document this season of your lives. I hope you’re able to see your love and joy and contentment radiating out of each of these photographs, and I hope they always remind you of the beauty and depth of your relationship.