Creating Art Out of the Ordinary

How do you introduce something that's so special to you? 
That's so close to your heart?

I guess there isn't much to say besides... it's here. :)
And it's honestly not something I was expecting. At least not yet. What started out as "I need to (finally) add a few more features to my blog"  became "I seriously despise Wordpress and I need to leave it now", and what started out as a simple blog refresh became a soul-searching look at who I've become. Which lead to a whole new way of presenting myself... and something that I just couldn't keep inside. 

So here it is. About 4 months early, but when you discover, really discover, who you are and why you are... you just have to share it. Even if it means working on it for hundreds of hours over the course of a month.

I'm so very excited about this new season of life, and the new opportunities it's going to bring. 
I hope you'll follow along. Because every journey is better together.