On Doing what Sets your Heart on Fire


This morning, as I sit cross-legged at my way-too-large-for-one-person desk with a cup of lukewarm coffee (that mostly consists of vanilla carmel creamer that I haven’t used in MONTHS and missed terribly because it’s so unhealthy but OH SO VERY DELICIOUS), I’m just… happy.

And optimistic.

You see, blogging over the past few months has been a struggle. It was a struggle even today. Because while I knew I wanted to write something, when I wait until the last minute to do it I never know what to write about and suddenly my blog calendar looks vague and uninteresting and completely and totally uninspiring. My method of dealing with this over the past few months has been avoidance, which has lead to a long silence online and very few blog posts.

But no more.

Because I realized something. Writing sets my heart on fire, but over the past year, it's become a chore. Something I have to do to grow my business… not something I want to do because I love it. But the truth is, I’m a writer. I always have been. I remember sitting behind a typewriter as a very young child, writing stories with horrific grammar and spelling (and storylines) just for the sheer fun of it. I remember continuing to write stories until in middle school, I was writing books. Books that no one knew about and no one will ever read. Just for fun. 

I started writing notes to friends that were pages and pages long… and then that wasn’t enough so we’d fill up entire notebooks. These notebooks became journals, and I now have thousands of pages filled with writing from the past ten years. I’ve filled up over ten large, unlined moleskin books in the past 5 years, and writing on those empty creamy ivory pages is the most natural thing in the world for me. I don’t even have to think as the words flow out me, and it’s always been how I process information, pray, and think most clearly about life. 

To deny that I’m a writer would be silly. And to stifle it any longer would be kill a part of me. Because, honestly, my life feels less complete and fulfilling when I’m not writing.

So. Why does this matter to you?

Because, my dear friend, if there is something that you love to do, you should do it. It doesn’t matter what it is. It doesn’t matter if others think it’s silly. It doesn’t matter if you feel as though you have no time, no energy, or no (fill in the blank). If there’s something that used to set your heart on fire but has felt uninspiring and draining lately, do whatever it takes to reignite that passion.

Because it makes you happy.
Because it makes you feel a bit more like who you were created to be.
And because the world is a better place when you share the gifts you’ve been given.