10 Tips for a Beautiful Grand Exit

It's the last part of your day, and as such, it's often times the most neglected. While I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, I remember running around the day of my wedding trying to find everything I needed to pull together our grand exit... or someone else who could take care of it for me.

Which. You know. It completely unadvisable.

In an effort to help you be a bit more organized than I was, here are 10 of my favorite tips for a beautiful grand exit. Number 7 is my favorite, but read through them yourself and comment below to let me know which tip you found the most useful!

1. Find an organizer. 

Be sure to ask your DJ or coordinator to announce that it’s time for the exit, and designate a specific person in advance to be in charge of lining up your guests, handing out streamers/sparklers/bubbles/etc. and grabbing you when everything is ready. Often times, this is overlooked and the photographer is left to organize this section of the day. While that's totally fine and we love to help in any way we can, it's more beneficial for us to use that time to ensure our equipment is set up and ready to go. The grand exit is usually a fast-paced event and there is a lot of preparation to do to ensure that it's documented well. 

2. Sparklers require many, many lighters.

If you're doing sparklers (or anything with fire!), be sure to either have lots of lighters on hand, or instruct guests to help light each other. Otherwise, you'll have the sparklers that were lit at the beginning going out by the time everyone is ready to go. 

3. They will also burn faster than you think.

Speaking of sparklers, make sure you purchase ones that will last 2-4 minutes. The longer they last. the more time you’re going to have to get everything ready and ensure they all are going by the time you’re ready to exit

4. Take your time.

Don't feel forced to sprint through the crowd and dive into your car. Take your time, kiss each other, wave to your guests, and remember to smile. :) We won't ASK you to do any of these things, but it's nice when you do, and the photographs created are generally more pleasing. 

5. If your venue prohibits sparklers...

Glowsticks are a fantastic alternative to sparklers at night. Just be sure to get long, bendy ones-- they look much better in photographs than the shorter, more rigid varieties. 

6. Clean up!

Be sure to have a plan to clean up whatever is thrown all over the ground, or simply use biodegradable sources. 

7. Consider a daylight exit.

Consider planning your exit to take place immediately after the ceremony, rather than the reception. This allows for more of your guests to participate and sometimes makes for a more interesting photograph. Also, this allows for this portion of the day to occur while it’s still daylight, which is great for certain types of exits that require more light to see properly.

8. Purchase LARGE confetti flakes.

Make sure the confetti is large enough to show up in photographs. Tiny little flakes are going to be practically invisible unless there is a LOT of them. 

9. Do not fear a mock exit!

If you see that your guests are filtering out before you're ready to leave, don't be afraid to go ahead and set up your grand exit, then go back inside and socialize a bit more! These photographs always look better with a crowd! 

10. Think through your get-away vehicle.

Don't forget to consider what you're going to leave in and feel free to get creative! I've seen brides and grooms leave in everything from their own vehicle to limos, bicycles, scooters, and even horse drawn carriages. If you want to get way crazy, rent a hot air balloon. I mean. You only get married once, right? ;)

Happy wedding planning!!

Which tip was your favorite? Do you have any ideas to share for a beautiful, hassle-free grand exit? If so, feel free to comment below - we can all learn from each other’s experiences!