The Top 20 Wedding Trends of 2015

Every weekend, I witness so much beauty that my heart threatens to explode. And while each weekend is unique and beautiful in its own special way, there have been a few trends I've noticed emerging over the past year that I absolutely love. But even though this post is about my favorite trends of 2015, it's also about more than that. It's about being able to recognize what's popular, and then picking and choosing what's right for you in order to create a wedding that's authentic, beautiful, and a perfect representation of you, your fiancé, and the love that you share.

With that in mind, the following are my top 20 favorite wedding trends of 2015:

1. Intricate Headpieces.

I absolutely love it when a bride expresses herself through a unique headpiece. There is so much that you can do with this accessory, and it's a wonderful, interesting alternative to the traditional wedding veil.

2. Floral Crowns.

Along the same lines as a headpiece, the floral crown has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and I believe it's a trend that's here to stay. Since florals are an integral part of any wedding decor, why not incorporate this into your bridal look as well? I think floral crowns and headpieces pair perfectly with lace dresses and are perfect for both a relaxed, outdoor wedding and a more classic affair.

3. Bow Ties & More Formal Affairs

You don't have to get married in a cathedral to wear a bow tie, and you don't have to have a ballroom reception to have a classic and formal affair. I love when couples take the idea of a classy, formal wedding and transplant it in the middle of a field or a forest. Imagine black tie meets boho with long wooden tables, gold place settings, and lush florals. 

4. Muted pastel tones.

In 2014, I noticed a lot of muted and pastel color palettes, and I believe 2015 is only going to take this trend even further. I think muted, pastel, and monochromatic weddings are absolutely gorgeous, and I can't wait to see the new ways brides and grooms incorporate this concept over the next year.


5. Small bridal parties... or none at all.

When Lucas and I were planning our wedding, we opted not to have a bridal party at all. And while I hadn't seen very much of this idea at the time, I've noticed it's becoming more and more popular. Lucas and I photographed several weddings over the past year where the bride and groom has opted not to have formal attendants, and I think its the perfect fit for some couples.

6. Creative venues.

More and more couples are opting for non-traditional and creative wedding venues, and it's so refreshing! I absolutely love backyard weddings, as well as weddings at campgrounds, castles, and state parks. These types of venues open up a whole new world of possibilities, like getting married on top of a mountain, under a waterfall, or in the middle of a forest.

7. Loose curls.

While traditional updos are beautiful, well over half of our couples last year chose to wear their hair down in loose curls. This is sometimes more difficult to keep looking fresh throughout the day, but its so romantic and natural that it's worth the extra trouble.

8 Lace Dresses.

Lace dresses are timeless, romantic, and absolutely classic. They can feel either vintage or incredibly modern, and their intricate detailing is absolutely stunning. Lace dresses look absolutely stunning with intricate backs and sleeves (which is very flattering on a variety body types!), and I truly hope this style is here to stay.

9. Mint. 

I may just be biased because it's my favorite color, but I've noticed a LOT of mint green this season and I love it. I almost feel like a hipster because I've loved mint since before it was cool, but if this color makes its way into more weddings, I won't complain. 

10. Outdoor Ceremonies.

I believe that nature is more beautiful than anything man can create, and so I love it when couples opt to have their wedding ceremony (and even their reception!) outdoors. I realize that it's always a gamble with the weather, but it's so worth the risk.

11. Writing your own vows. 

There's truly nothing more romantic, sentimental, and emotional than writing your own wedding vows. When a couple reads their wedding vows, they're able to clearly express their hearts and emotions to those who have gathered to share in their day, and there's really nothing more powerful or emotional than this portion of the day.


12. Being intentional with every aspect of your day...

Even if that means being a little bit non-traditional. I love it when couples really consider why certain events and activities are on their wedding day schedule, and choosing to remove anything that doesn't hold special meaning to them. For example, Lucas and I chose not to have a first dance because we're not the type of couple to dance in public, and we skipped the bouquet and garter toss because these were traditions that held no real significant meaning to us. While there is nothing wrong with any of these activities and we love photographing weddings that include them, I think it's important to be intentional with every aspect of your day.

13. Copper details.

2014 was a big year for gold accents, and it looks like the metal of choice for 2015 will be copper. This will be an interesting and refreshing change and will add a bit of pop to pair nicely with otherwise monochromatic and very muted color palletes.

14. Unusual greenery... and lots of it.

Florists are becoming more and more creative with the arrangements they're creating and the results are stunning. The biggest and more unique the better - from succulents and garlands to lotus pods and ribbons.

16. Off the shoulder dresses.

If you're into bridal fashion, you'll know that off the shoulder dresses were a huge trend on the runway this year. While I haven't seen this trend show up much in real life weddings yet, I expect to see it more and more in 2015. And I absolutely can't wait.

15. Elaborate invitations and paper goods. 

I'm not sure if this classifies as a trend, but I absolutely love paper and am thrilled to see more creative uses of it throughout the wedding day. From elaborate invitations to thoughtfully designed programs and menus, you honestly can not beat beautiful paper goods.

17. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses. 

Whether it's different dress styles in the same color or the same dress style in different colors (or patterns), this is such a fun and interesting way to add interest to your bridal party. It also allows each women to wear a dress that suits their body type and personal style, which increases the likeliness they'll be able to wear their dress again. 

18. Focus on authenticity and individual expression rather than perfection. 

My favorite wedding day details are the ones that truly represent a couple and the things that they love. These little details are the things that make weddings unique and authentic, and I think they're far more important than creating a pinterest-perfect version of what society tells you your wedding should look like.

19. Cathedral Veils.

If floral crowns and headpieces aren't for you, consider a cathedral veil. They're classic, romantic, and timelessly feminine, and pair well with lace, ballgown dresses, and more formal weddings.

20. A return to classic, timeless romance.

If you haven't noticed a theme running through the majority of these trends, this is it. A return to classic, timeless romance. While this is a post about trends, at its heart, it's a post about laying aside trends in order to return to what's truly important - the love you and your fiancé share and a celebration of your union in a way that's unique and perfect for the two of you. Whether that means you're married in the middle of a forest or in a formal ballroom, the most important thing is that your day is classic, timeless, and perfectly suited just for you.