On May Day and Celebrating Life

Today is a celebration of Spring. Of greenness, growth, and new beginnings. 

Because sometimes winter can seem long, bleak, and never ending. And after a long season of dreariness, you just need to celebrate the blooming trees, growing grass, and baby birds again.

Traditionally, cultures have have celebrated May 1st by hanging long, colorful ribbons and dancing around poles. Creating baskets full of flowers and sweets and delivering them anonymously, just to bring a bit of joy into someone’s life. Exchanging gifts, having parties, and filling your day with flowers, sunshine, and laughter. The images each of these small, celebratory actions put into my heart fill me with so much hope, joy, and happiness. Because sometimes you just need to live fully, regardless of how your week, month, or year has gone so far. To put winter behind you and simply celebrate life.