A Warm and Romantic Lakeside Engagement | Stephen & Crystal

“Hey, I like your boots!"
Crystal looked over to the stranger sitting next to her and smiled. “Oh, thanks!” she said.
It was the second week of her classes at Liberty University, and she was excited to meet new people. So as they waited for campus church to start, they began chatting. They talked about where they were from, what their majors were, how Crystal had just transferred there, and the things that they loved. He mentioned he was in a band, and after the service, he casually grabbed a piece of paper from the back of the chair in front of him and wrote his name, Stephen, and his band's name on it. He told Crystal to look him up online and say hi… and so she did. And what started as a casual conversation before church slowly turned into a friendship, and over time became so very much more.

Lucas and I met Crystal and Stephen late last week, the day before their wedding at the Raven Lodge at Huntsville State Park in Texas. Since they both live in Virginia, it wasn’t possible to spend time together before that, but we were so excited to be able to squeeze in a bit of time together before their rehearsal dinner! I loved having the opportunity to get to know these two a bit better and witness the way they interact and love each other. And although our time together was short, I’m absolutely in love with the photographs we made together. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites!