A Natural Outdoor Wedding in Huntsville Texas | Stephen & Crystal

Outside, the waves were getting stronger, more intense. The clouds were dark and threatening, but instead of pouring rain, they provided a cool day with shade and beautiful light. Inside, it was mostly quiet. A few conversations here and there, the shower running, and definitely laughter. But for the most part, stillness, calm, and peace. Upstairs, tucked in a nook towards the back with mirrors all around, Crystal prepared to be married. She took her time, enjoying these moments with her friends and family for as long as possible.

And before she knew it, the morning was over and she found herself preparing to see her groom. Walking up behind him, smiling big, embracing him, and enjoying this little sliver of the day where they were alone and the only two that mattered. It was a sweet moment, and only made the moments to come sweeter. 

Crystal and Stephen’s wedding was not only outwardly gorgeous, but a beautiful display of love and intimacy between family and friends. It was an honor to witness families who so clearly care about each other, and couldn’t have been more thrilled to photograph their day. Crystal and Stephen, thank you for trusting Lucas and I. It was an absolute pleasure to serve you, and we hope that you cherish the story these photographs tell forever.